Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Garden 3 - 3rd March

Spring has sprung. Well today anyway. First day I've been looking for shade to garden in. Lovely.

Today's job was to protect the Purple Sprouting Broccoli from the deer and generally tidy it up and to move the irises from the end of the bed. They were rescued from various places in the garden during the first year and have sat there ever since. This year they were looking really well - so it must be time to move them and set them back again!

Rigged up a string and CD scarer thing. Don't know if it will work, maybe just attract them for lunch. Or it must be breakfast because I haven't seen any eating them. By cutting off all the dead leaves it looks more like they have been trimmed by me than eaten by the deer!!

Moved the irises to beside the drive where there is virtually no soil and it is very sunny. Gave them some soil and hope there'll be happy in front of what will be an eleagnus hedge.

The pile of stones used to be a very neat little building that Him Outdoors built to make the old pile of stones look pretty. Whole thing collapsed this week!

While I was doing the scarer, Him Outdoors made me a beautiful cold frame out of old stuff. I then spent the afternoon filling it. Repotted all the little cuttings that have been sheltering from the winter. It's full now, can I have another one please ;-) Hopefully they can move out before what are now seeds need to go in.

Also used the rest of the tar oil winter wash on a euonymous that gets devoured by caterpillars. It should be covered in beautiful pink and orange berries in the autumn but 100s of caterpillars eat all the leaves, it replaces them but it never puts out any berries. Must try harder to stop that this year.

First cut of the lawn. Well, bit of the lawn that will be too long to cut if Him Outdoors leaves it any longer. We got a new lawnmower this year as a replacement for the one that was so bad even the man who sold it to us agreed it needed replacing. It's an ugly orange beast that makes a huge noise but seems to do the job. After promising that he would only cut the long grass, next time I look he's 'trimmed' all the vegetable garden and cut the tops off all the primroses that I was planning to move. Ho hum.

PS Does can anyone please tell me how to copy and paste things into a blog?


  1. You really have been busy haven't you? Shame about the primroses.

    Now...copying and pasting...I'm not terribly computer literate but I sometimes help out Fly in the Web at French leave with advice on how to do things. She is like me in that her mind goes blank and her eyes glaze over when a computer-whiz type person tries to explain. So now I'm going to copy and paste instructions on how to copy and paste from the instructions I gave her yesterday!!

    "Go to the start of the post. Double left click and hold it down at the same scroll down to the end of the post. It will hi-lite it in blue. Then let go of the left click, but keep the cursor on the blue hi-lited bit...right click and choose the "copy" option and click on it.

    Then go to your blog...start a post. Right click and choose "paste"...then it will appear"

    hope that helps

  2. Oh...I meant to say...where I've written "post" above...I mean go to the PIECE OF SCRIPT that you want to copy..(sorry...she was copying an entire post which is why I said that on her blog).

    Hope I haven't confused you :-(

  3. Ayak has the answers...she can sort me out, so she has to be good.

  4. Ayak, thank you so much, I will try that next time.