Monday 20 August 2012

Colour names

I have been learning crochet over the last few weeks. Well relearning. I could do some but never got into anything clever. I found Lucy at attic24 and loved what she had done and have taught myself how to do ripple blankets and a bag.

Today I got a delivery of some yarn that said it was recommended by Lucy for her granny blanket. It turned out to be acrylic which was a bit of a surprise and not the brand of wool as specified in the pattern I have ended up doing. But hey, never one to be felled at the first hurdle I wrote down the colours required and looked them up on the internet.

OK The colours required are:
eucalyptus, mermaid, sprout, beach glass, periwinkle, twilight, grape, lipstick, geranium, snapdragon, buttercup

and my matching colours are called:
turquoise, cloud blue, spring green, sherbert, lavender, aster, plum, pomegranate, shrimp, fondant and saffron

I'm glad I'm not having to chose the names!