Friday 26 February 2010

Cranford Mitts

I am very proud of these.
I started knitting again with the arrival of our lovely new grandson. And have got mildly addicted. Some of the things went a bit odd. I knitted him a tiny hat and then knitted a bigger one that ended up fitting son number two. Have unravelled that - son number two decided that he didn't like it! - and made these lovely mittens.
The pattern said that these fingerless gloves were inspired by the mittens worn by the ladies on Cranford (a programme which I find delightful) and that somehow added to the knitting.
Slight problem in that they are obviously made for the tiny hands of Judi Dench not mine but I'm sure they'll fit somebody :-)


  1. Will the orange juice wash out, do you think?
    I read Cranford at school, and later went on to the rest of her books.
    I liked the series on TV...though it was a bit over the top.

  2. They're lovely mitts Rosie. I'm sure with a bit more practise, you'll get the sizing right.