Monday 27 October 2014


Some of the lovely things to come out of all this cancer malarkey are the kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity shown by people.

It is heartwarming, uplifting and I thank you deeply.

Friday 17 October 2014

Balinese sunset

Glorious day today. Sat out on the balcony in the sun enjoying the lovely view, the birds singing, bees buzzing.
Trouble with being on the side of a valley is that sound rises. Man with strimmer starts in the bottom of the valley. Soon to be joined by leaf blower man in one of the houses on the other side. And then another strimmer man joins his friend. Then bonfire man starts his fire........... Can't really complain because HO did a lot of destruction followed by burning  of cut stuff yesterday afternoon but it reminded me of something.
Years ago we had a holiday in Bali and one of the things to do was to go to see the sunsets which were a feature of the place. We got ourselves to a bar on the beach, cold beer in hand we settled back to watch this view.

What the picture doesn't reveal is that the sun actually sinks into a layer of smog before it hits the sea. The world and his wife was also having the same idea so we were surrounded. There was the sort of music playing reminiscent of a car passing with thumping beat and nothing else. And then the salesmen started.

Would madame like a copy watch? How about today's newspaper? Sunglasses? Icecream? Snacks? Cigarette lighter? Massage? Hat? endless people that went down the beach and then, ever hopeful, back again to try again.

It was hilarious but not quite what we had in mind.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Had me in stitches

The two nurses have between them been every day to give an injection and rebandage as required but as it comes nearer the time to take out the stitches they became a bit doubtful. Each hoping that the other one would do it. "Very good surgery but I think the doctor should take out the stitches."

OK today I go to the doctor. Lovely young woman. Very kind chat and then gets down to the job.

"Hmmmm............................. hmmmm ........................ let's try the other one. Hmmmm ................"

"I know it's a long time since I did my surgery rotation but this should be easier than this, there don't seem to be any ends............................"

"It's no good, I shall have to ring the surgeon." I can appreciate her reluctance to ring with what seems like such a basic stupid question.

Eventually gets past the dragon on the gate and talks to the great man.....................

Turns out that they are soluble stitches. The prescription for removal of stitches is his mistake.

Smiles all round.

Friday 10 October 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I've never been one for gazing admiringly at myself in the mirror. The sort of hotels that have walls of mirrors in the bathroom have me scuttling for towels. But having made such a good job of hiding the orange pine on this one I thought it was only fair to have a good look at what me at 60 looked like.

After a moment of 'hmm, not too shabby' I noticed that one of my boobs was catching the light oddly. Feels a bit squidgy lumpy underneath but not what you'd call a lump, just not quite the same as the other one. Well since I'm already seeing nice doctor tomorrow, I'll just mention it.

So 8 weeks later it turns out I have breast cancer that is going to need every sort of therapy. The joys of that are not defined as yet but it looks like it might be ruling the roost for the next few months.

Well, you'll be pleased to know this isn't going to be a breast cancer blog. The wonders and weirdnesses of the French health system may well get a mention but no gory details.

But what I want to say is that I really want you all to go to the doctor's with your lumps and bumps. This has all come about from a clear mammogram in April. Four months later I'm on the breast cancer roller coaster.

If in doubt GO TO THE DOCTOR..................................................and avoid some of this.