Monday, 22 March 2010

First cuckoo

What a beautiful morning. Daffodils, bees humming, first apricot and nectarine blossoms on new trees and now the first cuckoo. Spring is well and truly sprung.

Him Outdoors has gone off to Perigueux to buy some more slabs to finish off the second bit of terrace (so much more glamourous than patio!) This means he can have hours wandering round BricoDepot without me vaguely wishing he would hurry up and I can have a lovely peaceful morning. In some girlie shops in the Uk they have a space for boyfriends to hang out with football on the telly and comics. How about the same thing for girls in Brico sheds?

And first day for labouring in shorts by Him Outdoors - already had to wear the hat last week to keep the sun off his shiny head!


  1. It's just the best time of the year isn't it?

    Your garden must be looking absolutely wonderful after all your hard work.

  2. I love this time of year. Everything is possible. All the beautiful pictures in my head seem entirely sensible and I have no memory of all the perils in the way of the tiny plants I am nurturing.