Saturday, 20 March 2010

Yay, I won

The new Carrefour supermarket is inundating us with bits of paper. Some of which I sorted out today. In France, although they have offers in the supermarket, you don't seem to get them unless you have the loyalty card. (A fact I never noticed when we used to come here on holiday. And why would they tell you, because everyone knows that and that is why everyone has dozens of them on their key rings.)

You get occasional vouchers in the Publicite that comes in the letterbox with the postman every week, and since the Carrefour is new they are putting 10€ vouchers in. They also give you some bits of paper at the till which have the grand total of 20 cents discount per mega amount of shopping.

Today, the till girl looked kind and the queue wasn't long, so I gave her the handful of bits of paper I have acquired. One was for immediate discount, some came in a cheque at the end of the month (never seen that) and don't forget to show your carte to that cardboard machine over there to see if you have won.

Quoi?? Oh ok after some study of the cardboard box with flashing lights and the third time of scanning the carte, it said I HAD WON!!! (Much to the disgust of the french woman after me who couldn't get it to print anything because she hadn't won - ha ha.) A 'Panier Gourmand' value 20€. Yay - rush home to see what's in it!

What Carrefour considers a gourmand basket:

1 packet of aniseed cookies
1 packet hazelnut cookies
1 packet of madeleines cakes
2 litre box of orange juice
1 packet of four tiny tins of pate - qualite superieure (apologies for lack of accents)
1 dry pork sausage - recette traditionnelle
1 large tin cassoulet
1 jar fruits of the forest jam
2 packets of peanut Quaver lookalikes
1 packet ground coffee
and a large packet of 'Extra Sweet' jelly sweets that are at least half sugar and the rest E numbers
and a free heavy duty carrier bag to put it in


  1. Well done! You beat the system!
    Worth it for the shopping bag, I reckon.

  2. Ha ha that's what I thought - whatever's in it, at least I get the bag!

  3. Congratulations! Well the contents may be a little disappointing, but it's nice to win something isn't it? (Coming from someone who never wins anything and is very envious of you!)

  4. They're not what you expect, quite, from a french gourmet basket. But I was so surprised to win something it was amazing! Now I'm expecting to win the 10,000 euro prize :-)

  5. Well now that would certainly be worth winning! Fingers crossed!

  6. Nope, not what I would have expected from a gourmet basket but's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!!

    Congrats :-)

    C x

  7. Hello Rosie I just found your blog via Kim over at Non Je Ne Regret Rien. I have started at the beginning and enjoyed if very much, so I will definitely be back. Congrats on your win by the way, like Carol says better than a sharp stick :)

  8. softinthehead - Unbelievably delighted that someone has taken the trouble to read all this stuff - thank you. A lot of it is just so that I have a record of what's going on, and for family, I'm still surprised that anyone else finds it interesting!