Sunday, 22 January 2012

Learning a new house

All the little things that become automatic very quickly

where the light switch is in the bedroom
which way to put the showerhead so you don't flood the bathroom
to turn the tap off firmly because it drips
which windows the cat can get out of/in to (vet said that the cat should stay in for 4 days. He escaped the first night and has continued as usual!)

and all the repositioning of things in the kitchen so that they are at hand

like being on holiday

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Is it really only the 21st?

If I believed in star signs then this must be a year for change not just the year of the dragon. Although how all the different star signs involved could foretell the same thing is beyond me.

We have left the house in the photo and set up home in our sweet little rented place which has all gone pretty much as planned. There is sooooooooooooo much stuff, but we are in and I am writing this because I am tired of sorting boxes in the new place.

In between the last blog and now, we spent ten days in England (drove 2,500 miles) and have decided that we need to be there for the foreseeable future. After endless, endless discussions about whether to rent or buy in which place, to keep french residency or not, to move our euros or not, we have (for the moment anyway, reached some sort of decisions).

We will keep this rented place for the time being - can't face a total remove and we have to give 3 months notice anyway. In England, we hope to move into a little house owned by a very kind friend who will let us have it very reasonably in exchange for work from Him Outdoors. Yay, keeping him busy and less money, perfect. This will provide a bolthole for Dear Daughter and make us nearer most of the family (sorry Michael but at least we are in the same country). We just have to get rid of the nasty tenants who are in it at the moment who promised to be out by Christmas and now promise 5th Feb.

So nothing much happening then...............................

Monday, 2 January 2012

New note book

I have been given a beautiful new notebook for Christmas. Moleskin with elastic to keep it closed and bookmark. Beautifully decorated with special chosen pictures stuck on the front.

But starting it is really hard. What can I possibly write that is worthy of such a lovely thing. All that crisp new paper just waiting for profound words. Do I have a pen special enough?

Writing this down makes me realise how absolutely ridiculous this is.

Doesn't help though. I can't bear to spoil it's newness. What if I start a subject and then change my mind............

Oh for heavens sake.