Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Le Meteo

We have an Orange weather forecasting site on the computer that is set up to tell us in one click the weather for today here. Except:

they don't get up very early on this site. Today's weather is yesterday's until about mid morning.

the distance forecast changes daily. At the moment we are wanting rain. So the days with rain on them get one further away every day. Yesterday it was going to rain tomorrow, now not til Friday. And the same is true of the sunshine, if that's what you want, it's always tomorrow.

Wait for it.......................................


  1. Oh...you've got one of those too! Haha...I got so fed up with the 7 day forecast changing daily, and the days getting stuck that I deleted it last week...mainly because it was Tuesday and the forecast was stuck on Sunday!

  2. Always jam tomorrow, never jam today...

  3. Do you think they get up and just stick their head out the window before telling everyone what the weather is?

    C x

  4. But only after they've had a cup of coffee and a fag!