Saturday, 13 October 2012

Shirt ironing

As a teenager we all had to take turns at washing up after the evening meal. At the time, it seemed to me a better option to do the ironing in front of the telly even though it took longer and my brothers would be gloating about how they had finished.
Dad was in the RAF and there were always at least 5 uniform shirts each week and sometimes dress shirts and others. I was told it was very important to do these right otherwise he might get into trouble on parade. Looking back now, I wonder again at the gullibility of children that it was a privilege to iron his shirts (and polish his shoes) - clever Mum.
A few weeks ago, I was discussing ironing shirts with my brother-in-law and discovered that we ironed them in completely opposite order.
For me it is collar from the back, shoulders from the inside, sleeve, cuff, sleeve, cuff then right front round to left front. Then lay it on its front on the ironing board, fold in sides and sleeves, tuck in tails (yes they had tails) and fold comme ca.
Fortunately the days of endless work shirts are over and I haven't managed to pass on an ability to iron to any of my children. They all seem to work on the basis that the creases will come out while you wear it and the most they get is the front ironed for interviews. Ho hum, failed again.


  1. This brings back memories, Rosie. :-) My father wore overalls to work, so no shirts for him, but I was taught to iron my school blouses in exactly the same order as you, except that I then hung them on a hanger rather than folding them. DH insisted on buying non-iron shirts for work, as he considers ironing a waste of time, but I taught our son and daughter to iron their own school uniforms.

    Son is now an exert ironer and still irons all the shirts he wears (he prefers cotton) while daughter is teaching her two sons to iron their own school shirts and trousers. It's nice to see a tradition being handed down.

  2. I seem to put in as many creases as I take out...

  3. I'm afraid I'm with Fly on this one Rosie. I'm useless at ironing although I do try very hard! My daughter doesn't iron anything and yet her clothes never look creased..I don't really get that!

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