Monday, 8 October 2012

Houses, houses, houses

A miserable, grey start to the day. Took some effort to get started this morning. Come on, let's do something. Let's go and find some of these left overs. Bit of phoning and emailing to try and locate some of the houses that are for sale privately.

First one was too suburban. Second one:

we visited a long time ago. Him Outdoors didn't like it much but it has a good position, good land, near the town we like. And it's been on a long time so therefore cheaper.

This one:

is much more expensive - you can tell can't you. But again been on a long time. Owned by a friend of a friend so no agents' fees (which on this house would be 24,000 euros (!) are a consideration) Maybe they are desperate enough to come down to something we can consider. Still nothing much to do but a much nicer place to do nothing in and again near the town.
In the back of our minds we have had a couple of houses in the town that were for sale years ago but the sign was no longer on them. Good position, lovely mature garden and fruit trees, bit derelict (if you can be a bit derelict surely it either is or it isn't).  Let's go and check the numbers and then go to the Mairie and they will tell us the owners and a contact address.
And look, there's a new sign (with telephone number) on one down the same road. Lots of peering over the fence and it seems to be ok with a good garden. And so it seems from the Maire.
So now we have two people to ring and two possible back ups. Definitely a day that is improving.


  1. Ha ha just rung the house with the sign. Lady is in Bordeaux. Nobody has a key here. Not coming back before the end of the month. Can you hear Him Outdoors least no one else can see it either!

  2. Peches de pommes de terre.

    So what I thought was thunder is coming all the way from France....

  3. It's starting to sound like the quest for the Holy Grail, Rosie. Why on earth would you put your house up for sale, then go away for a month?