Saturday, 27 October 2012

More news of the staircase

The staircase saga started so long ago it has disappeared into the mists of time!

Three and a half years ago we ordered a staircase from someone who said that it could be delivered when we wanted it. It was delivered about 3 months late and very badly put in. Big argument in the hall.

We offered to pay half. He sent the bailiffs in to collect his money. Didn't realise at the time that in France you pay for the bad work and then go to court to get it back. Fortunately we had ticked an insurance box that meant that our insurance agent would pay for any court cases resulting from bad work - bet he wishes he hadn't.

So he took us to court. We had an expert come to look at the stairs, he wrote a report. He had an expert in to look at the stairs, he wrote a report. The court sent an expert in to look at the stairs he wrote a pre pre report, a pre report and a report. He held a court case in the kitchen with legal representation from us and them and the stair man came to that.

Judge wanted a quote for removing staircase, making good stairwell and putting in new stairs - after a delay of years that had to be within the week.

Judge ruled that the staircase was indeed badly done and we should be refunded.

Our solicitor claims the money. Stair man doesn't pay. So now we are sending the bailiffs after him..............................


  1. Good grief. I didn't realise so much time had passed. I'd quite forgotten about the stair saga. Doesn't look like reaching a conclusion any time soon does it?

  2. Ah yes, la belle France just as I rememeber it!

    You won't be holding your breath....

  3. it just drags on and on, doesn't it, Rosie? It makes me wonder how France (o at least French justice) functions at all. Fingers crossed he bailiffs do their stuff....

  4. PS Sorry about all the spelling mistakes. My two fingers seem to be on go-slow....

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