Thursday 4 October 2012

Maybe Plan B

Found a new agent today. Usually rents properties and has some for sale as well. The first one
looks pretty, good position and worth a look. Just on market at too much money but what's new. It's ok but it's a holiday home done on the cheap. No insulation, no heating, needs new bathrooms and kitchen, pool is above ground. So needs too much money spent on it and you'd still get a very bitty house with difficult spaces. But this, on the other hand.............................

This was une maison de tolerance (brothel to you and me!) right next to the church. Faded grandeur but not huge. With added single bedroom house next door for visitors or added income. Small but not tiny garden. All well done with dated but expensive fittings. Good white bathrooms, dated kitchen but paintable units. Bit of a worry as to what Him Outdoors would do with himself and also, even when you are waiting for the church bells, they are VERY loud but it felt good.
Positive end to the day.


  1. I wondered what Mr. Fly would do with the small garden of the house in San Jose...I thought he would be bored...but not a bit of it.
    No church bells...but lots of dolorous honking from the trains three blocks away night and morning.
    The lady who owned our house in France made a will stating that the house was not to be used as a brothel..a maison de passe...which as she was leaving it to the Benedictine order struck us as somewhat funny.

  2. Plan B is always a good idea, Rosie and even Plan C if necessary. :-) If only you could combine bits of the various houses you've seen, you'd have the perfect one.....

  3. I thought I'd left a comment...but it's probably been Bloggered...
    The 'past' of the second house amused me as when the lady who left the house we still have in France to the Benedictines in her will she stipulated that it was not to be used as a 'maison de passe'...a brothel.