Thursday 11 October 2012

OK This is exciting

The lady from Bordeaux has just rung to say that we can see this on Sunday. A second/half cousin has turned up with the key.

On edge of town. Large garden, lovely views, potential garage down chemin rurale at side and..............................70,000 euros. Even though I know it can be complete rubbish inside I don't care I'M EXCITED.


  1. In that location and at that price, I'm not surprised you're excited, Rosie. Fingers crossed....

  2. At that price in that location you can rip it all out!
    As you normally have to do so anyway with French houses I reckon you're several tens of thousands of Euros ahead of the game!

  3. Sounds very reasonable but so many people are desperate to sell. Good luck this sounds the perfect place to make your own. Diane

  4. I see you are planning to move to France! (Or is it just a holiday home you are looking for?) Good luck in both cases!

  5. Sissi it's a move within France. Thank you for your good wishes.
    Keep everything crossed guys. I'd be more optimistic if we hadn't seen one a few weeks ago that was complete termite ridden rubbish inside. Although at that price even that is possible...................... patience, patience, patience.
    Which reminds me of a time when my mother was saying 'Patience, patience, patience, heaven send me patience'. In our tiny kitchen with 4 teenage children looming over her. My large brother bounded in like an enormous fairy calling 'hello I'm patience'. Makes me smile every time.