Friday 7 September 2012

What's occurring?

What's occurring (as per Gavin and Stacey which has become a phrase between us).

We have just arrived back in France.  Very long day with an alarm at 3 am in England, tunnel crossing at 6.00 and then 80 mph on motorways for 8 hours.

Back to our little rented house in Dordogneshire. It is completely still and quiet. Our landlord is watering his trees which he fears are dying of drought. The campsite opposite is completely quiet apart from M Fardet who is polishing his pool. The season must be over, we missed it. The village was full of tourists as we came through but up here it is silent. Cicadas, swallows. So lovely after such a hectic day.


  1. Just what you need after a journey like that....and soon the tourists will be off too and you'll have the place to yourselves again.

  2. Welcome home, Rosie and enjoy the peace and quiet. You've earned it.