Tuesday 11 September 2012


Oh the house hunting. (I hope these copies of links work)

First of all we had a pastry beside the Dordogne with this one:


Glorious peaceful September morning. So beautiful.

At lunchtime I rang this one:


and we went at 3pm. Oh this is the one as we drove out of the town in the right direction, oh he's indicating in the right way, OMG it's stunning. Such a sweet group of buildings. Him Outdoors had already walked there and loved it. OMG OMG. Lovely man full of how this was a 16th century house lived in by local monks and they had instructed the farmers in how to farm, showed us his pigsties where he had kept all the ancient pieces of wood to use the ancient holes in the stone OMG OMG. And then we enter the house........................................

They are so proud of the fact that the national group of country houses had told them that they had kept everything original perfect. And that is because they have built  layers of concrete and insulation between the walls and the rooms. Everywhere. Oh and by the way there's no bathroom, no heating, no land because they're keeping for their daughter. Oh and the land opposite is constructable and they want 325,00 euros.

OK onward and upward. THE one that Him Outdoors has set his heart on:


Arguments by email about how we couldn't see it for a fortnight. Eventually got the address and went over at 6pm. OMG OMG OMG Him Outdoors is in love again (he's a complete property tart). Absolutely gobsmacking views. Really beauiful. Tiny but lovely house and glorious barn. Him Outdoors completely over the moon............................. Somehow hadn't noticed that behind the garden was a heap of silage that fed the enormous herd of cows that were milked twice a day every day with a really noisy machine. 8 - 11 am and 6 til 9 pm. And somehow this didn't matter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely people. Lovely place. Oh and the cow farmer had also poisoned their well that made the water not only undrinkable but also totally unsuitable for watering plants................................

On the way to the 3pm house we had popped into the local agent because she had a house that we wanted to see. That was sold but she has given us another that on the way home we also went to see the outside of that looks possible


So nothing much happening here really.


  1. It takes a woman's eye to notice the silage....

    i rather liked the last one, but it would depend what the hamlet was like.
    We once went to look at a house which was gorgeous in every way...except that the neighbour had the place plastered with no entry and no parking signs...

  2. Oh, choices, choices, and it's so hard to find the one without the snags. Hope the last one is as promising inside as out.

  3. The last one looks pretty good but I know how many we saw while looking for our home. The ads are very deceiving. The one we bought I would not have looked at twice from the ad but the notair thought we should see it. It did take a bit of imagination to see past the decorations but I am glad that we did. Happy hunting Diane

  4. I like that last one!

    @fly in the web: nose surely, rather than eye? ;)

    Good luck with the continued search xx

  5. I liked the last one too. Best of luck with it all!

    C x