Thursday 20 September 2012

Fingers crossed people

After a night of 'well is it sold or not?' Definitely now returned to other websites but not on the agent's website.

This picture doesn't look very good does it. Tiny and clear or bigger and blurry

Appointment to view inside tomorrow afternoon with agent. Decided that the seller has a whole hamlet of various plots to sell and he is not going to do it without an agent. Too complicated.
Already has going for it that it is a lived in til fairly recently house (the two bits with white paint) with attached barn. This face of the house faces south west and has steps up to first floor level balcony/terrace. View this way is down a huge field to a very quiet road. Church with bells in the distance. Only 5 minutes from the town we want. Although the plastic windows are not to our taste, it does have new windows. New central heating boiler and immersion. And the fireplaces you can peer at through the windows are lovely. Eeek how much can they have ripped out when they put in the new windows. Oh and redid the roof.
The tree at the front is a peach and at the back is a walled garden! The cave that you can see is full of boxes of jamjars so some grandmere had a very productive thing going on here. Yay.
Moi excited??


  1. Moi certainly excited!
    New roof, new boiler...can't be bad!
    What's the building on the other side?

  2. The two bits with white paint are the house. On weird levels probably. The obvious stone bit is the barn.

    There's going to be a bit of negotiation in that there is another barn (part of a separate lot) that overlooks the front. To the left of the picture. We want the barn but not the other barn and land that are in that lot. Slowly slowly.