Thursday 13 September 2012

For you vicarious househunters

We've put in an offer of half the asking price, to include all the land, for the concrete house. Can't get away from the fact that it is a superb set of 16th century stone buildings. And they are so proud that they have built concrete shells inside the original stone walls so presumably (!) they are all still behind the concrete. But apparently it has been on the market for at least 8 years! At that price I'm not surprised. No great hopes there.

Still haven't seen the other ancient one. Dutch agent is taking her father back to Holland.

Tomorrow we are going to see the inside of
which is good from the outside but a bit far from everyone and everything we know.

And where we found the hamlet it's in which is very pretty but there is a potential of major road noise if it's the wrong side of the hill. Couldn't match any of the houses to the pictures.

And this one that the agent talked us into because it has a lovely view - but not from the house, just the garden. She says it's way over priced and she also mentioned that the last house she had sold was sold at about 75% of the asking price.

BUT the current plan that is keeping Him Outdoors sane is to buy this: which we can buy privately because it belongs to a friend of a friend. We have already seen it but couldn't buy it because it's lovely view is owned by the house below. But we have since discovered that the house below is now for sale

If you're still with this you have more patience than I have!

So Him Outdoors is pounding up and down the garden behind the lawn mower trying to decide the negotiating plans of trying to buy just the field not the whole house. What would be the disadvantages of having two houses if we had to buy two. Whether we could rent out the house below........................ As if buying one house wasn't bad enough and all the taxes involved in having two!

Oh and meanwhile we have got the agent we are going out with tomorrow badgering the notaire that was selling the house in Belves that started this whole saga off to see if now that the poor old man that owned it has died they might want to sell that.

I can see that a whole lot of houses are all going to come together at once.


  1. The London bus syndrome!

    I couldn't get the immobilier perigord pics up for some reason.....they probably got soaked crossing the frustrating!
    I love looking at houses, especially when I don't have to do the renovations myself.

  2. Gosh, it's all happening chez toi, Rosie! I'm another who enjoys browsing houses, and it really looks like they are coming along en masse now. Glad it's not me having to make the final decision(s):-)

  3. Fly I've changed the one we want to the greenacres reference but can't see the others on there immediately and it's time for aperos!

    I thought I loved looking at houses too but I'm losing the will to live at the moment. Aperos will help :-)

  4. A those concrete walls touch the stone ones?
    If so be a bit wary because the stone walls are often two walls with an earth infill and the concrete will wick the damp up them like nobody's business.

    Better have another apero....

  5. No Fly, they are very proud of the fact that all the concrete shells have a gap between them and the walls. And the biggest job would be knocking them all out anyway. Our last house had those mud walls too. Really don't think they are going to consider our offer. But you have to be in it to win it.

  6. My mind is still boggling at the thought of them living with concrete shells....only in France....

    Good luck!