Tuesday 18 September 2012

I think we know too much

We have been looking at houses for a year now. Seen dozens, driven by dozens more.

Whenever we watch one of the endless reruns of Location, location, location or similar, the presenters are always saying you must make compromises, you must decide what you want.

I agree. We have a long list of things that make an ideal house and quite accept that it will be a selection of these that we end up with and if that one falls through there is always another house that has a different selection. So why is it so hard.

My good friend said last night that we know too much. When we first came we had no idea really of the area, had no friends to be near, no favourite places. Had a much firmer idea of what we wanted and a much more definite budget.

Now, we are looking at a huge range of possibles:

This house has lovely land, lots of mature fruit trees, free wood for ever, agricultural water but it's a very germanic/teutonic house of huge beams and stone with no views much, no neighbours and as far as we've looked away from our friends.


We didn't want a village house without a garden but last night we saw that this garden was for sale just behind this village house, so there's another plan.
This is a tiny modern house but with a lovely mature garden down by the river. Huge plot and SOIL rather than chalk that you have to drill a hole in to plant a tree. Owned by friends of friends so avoid 8% fees, could extend.....................

While we were wandering around the countryside we found this

which is a group of buildings with views and land all round on the edge of a hamlet. On the market with bitch Bridget who is the agent who says we are not proper buyers so we'll have to approach it another way to see it. But then around the corner is this. Work all done. Nothing to write home about but has the most a....may.....zing view of a chateau. Nowhere is that written or shown on the particulars but hey this is France.

Oh and the notaire of the original house says that it is for sale and she will contact the family.

OK you decide.


  1. I think your friend is right.

    When we first holidayed in Costa Rica we decided we wanted a holiday house....it had to have a few important factors, but that was all.
    Seen and bought within days and it's turned out just as we hoped.

    Deciding to buy in San Jose six years later we were weighing up all sorts of extra factors!

    I did wonder whether the original house would turn up again.....
    And you can check the cadastre for the set of buildings without going near the 'bitch Bridget'!

  2. I think all the important factors (other than a couple) fell by the wayside when we bought our house. We have now made it the way we wanted other than no cellar! Happy hunting! Diane

  3. I'd go for the house with the chateau views - but then I've reached that stage where I'm looking for an easier life!

  4. Sounds like you still haven't had a "coup de foudre" for any of them.