Friday 19 August 2011

Sold the house!!

I have just looked at the date of my last post and what a lot's been happening.

The house is sold. In a month. For virtually the asking price.

I'm sorry, I know I'm delighted with this but 'everyone' said that it would take at least two years to sell the house and we're in shock.

We have sold to an english couple who have enough money to get a mortgage to buy our house to use it as a holiday home for 8 weeks a year - and they can't move in until after Christmas because they are already committed to a ski ing holiday. Perfect buyers. (Too good to be true??) All fingers and toes crossed.

With hardly time to draw breath we are on to looking for the next one. I dug out the list of things we were looking for when we bought this one and interestingly what we are now looking for is a selection of the things this one didn't have. I want to have more contact with people, a garden that you don't have to drill holes in the chalk to plant things in, still need a view and Him Outdoors needs another project.

We had a property in mind when we started this process but the guy who owns it is very old and is now in the local maison de retraite. The french friend who found this out said that that was ok, you just go along and see if he's senile and then talk to his family. Ooooooh that's not a very english way to do things :-)

I find all these things more difficult when the temperature is in the high 30s. What little brain I have left ceases to function!


  1. Delighted for you!
    You're right, you learn with every house!

  2. I wish we could sell our house in the UK as easily!!!! It is time we were both together in France but until the house is sold it will not happen!!!! Diane

  3. What great news, Rosie! Very pleased for you :-) Sorry to be late, but I'm horribly behind with my blog-reading due to pressure of real life....

  4. Well that's wonderful! That's definitely news you'd love to hear, right? Congrats on getting the house sold so quickly. I hope you continue onto your next house.