Monday, 22 August 2011

Heat and house hunting

Wow it's hot. Today is better in that there is a breeze but it is over 35 all day. There was a blissful moment at 3 o'clock this morning when I felt a cool breeze but until then it was very sticky.

I don't function well in this heat. A minimum of housework and shopping.

Today we set off reasonably early to the supermarket. I went shopping and Him Outdoors walked the dog by the river. I joined them at the bathing place when I had finished. It was deserted, shadey and cool. Very very lovely. Not nearly as much water as usual but we have major storms forecast by the end of the week. C'est normale after heat.

Whilst I had been shopping I met Maurice who is the loveliest local man. We had missed the 100th birthday party of Madame Cassan who is still living at home with her daughter in law, reading the paper every day without her glasses and only recently given up her garden. The event went well apparently - I hope they got my apologies letter - and Maurice was telling me that the Felibree had made so much profit that there was going to be a very good meal for all those that helped shortly. I love that that is the main way of celebration. I hope it isn't tete de veau like last time. Probably more duck.

I told him that we hope we had sold the house and were looking to move into the village. He seemed to think that that was an acceptable plan. And surprise, surprise, of course he knew the man who owned the house that we wanted to look at, the man's son was his neighbour.............

The tourist office lady has just rung to say that there is another house that we should see but don't go to the agent, the number is on the door..........................

And so the net widens.


  1. Well done on gaining a sale so quickly. Isn't it great to know that others value (enough to pay for) all of the hard work you have put in to making your house into a home.

    Good luck with the house hunt, I'll be interested to read about how it all goes ...

  2. You are right it is soooooo hot. I don't think I could even consider moving house again. Five houses ago I said I was never going to move ever again, this time I mean it!!! Good luck. Diane

  3. So much for your doubts about ever're on the grapevine now...
    Good luck with getting the house you want.

  4. I never thought that it would take you more than a few minutes to find someone who wanted to take your lovely home off your hands! Good luck with Phase 2...

  5. Good luck with the house-hunting, once the weather cools down for you.