Friday 26 August 2011

Plan B

Thank you Fly for your advice. Blogger is being a real pain about not letting me comment. I write beautiful, well thought out, comments, now copying them before I start trying to get them to show up (I do learn some things eventually) but no luck.

Rang the agent yesterday to get some info on what was happening with the house that we would like to see. The owner is (as we knew) very old and ill. Moving backwards and forwards between Maison de Retraite and Hospital. He has always dealt with the Notaire of the village of our agent - not our village. He has always dealt with this notaire back to the previous one and his father and will only deal with this notaire. She is on holiday - it is August after all. The man has up to 4 sons, number varies but however many, he doesn't get on with any of them! Notaire will be back next week and will sort things out then. So we wait. Patiently. And hope he stays well.

Today we went to see this house

Being french particulars, it looks nothing from the picture but it is actually a very sweet little house.  Completely done. But in a very very quiet green valley just below the house that we want. With small, very steep, very chalky garden, 2 beautiful walnut trees and lovely views. So in one sense not what we are wanting at all but it is in Belves (just) and we could see ourselves living in it and it allows Him Outdoors to be day dreaming of canal boats and Camper vans.......................

We have also arranged to see another one next week and then that's it. Just wait patiently. I will try.


  1. My idea had been to have avoided involving the agent in any way whatsoever...he'll have his hand out now, whatever happens!

    I liked the sound of that house in your photograph...fingers crossed that the notaire can sort things out for you.
    At least she'll know where all the bodies are buried...

  2. ...dreaming of canal boats and Camper vans...

    I love that!

  3. I have Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox on my computer, and I find that when comments are a problem they almost always go through on Firefox. Just always save them so you can change over without loosing the comment. Diane

  4. Hi,
    If you leave the 'remember me/keep me signed in box' on the sign in page unticked, then perhaps your comment problems will disappear. Mine did ........ hope this works for you too.

    I can't understand how agents in France get away with charging such high rates. In our experience they do little to earn them!

  5. Well not so keen on that one, and not a sign of the 'maison des amis' in the garden!

  6. Ooh, I don't envy you at all. I hate househunting.