Saturday 20 August 2011

Paying the Parking Fine

Whilst we were in a peaceful haze after our luxury house, we went into the nearest town to try and get my glasses mended and buy some more nail scissors that one of the kids had gone off with - back to reality.

Beautiful wide main street lined with lamp posts festooned with flowers.

Unfortunately some of the flowers obscured the fact that you had to pay for parking. We've obviously been living in France too long. Pay for parking???

Back home to sort out the parking ticket.

Long strip of purple paper with black writing on. Tiny tiny numbers not quite printed in the boxes provided.

After both peering at the numbers, under the light and at the window, and finding the magnifying glass, we establish the numbers that they must be looking for.

Go on line and enter the number and then find it wants the car number. Oh bloody hell, what the hell was the hire car number.

More searching through papers.......................... Eureka.


Well that's odd it's the same number as the ticket number???????????????????



Look for more numbers. And eventually they manage to take 40 euro off us.


  1. Just catching up and still trying to post comments..with great difficulty!

    Sounds like a wonderful wedding and a very enjoyable trip.

    And congratulations on such a speedy house must be delighted.

  2. Wow €40, I never see pay parking anywhere around us but maybe I should keep an eye open when I go elsewhere. Diane