Friday 22 July 2011

Blogger won't let me comment

Can't make the bloody thing let me comment on anything this morning.


Well, of course they didn't want it. But enjoyed meeting two gay guys with plans for a holiday home in Dordogneshire to add to their houses in Spain and England!

and thank you guys for all your good wishes.

The energy man came yesterday afternoon. He was lovely and helpful and also knew the house we had our eye on in Belves because he had surveyed it.

Trouble is they have taken it off the market because the vendor is ancient and ill and they can't get the paperwork sorted. Still, if we can't see it, nor can anyone else. (Is my glass half full or what??)


  1. Sorry things haven't moved on, Rosie and also for the commenting problem. For me it was a problem with Internet Explorer, so I finally downloaded Google Chrome and use that all the time for blog reading and commenting with no trouble.

  2. I had problems with commenting...which mysteriously righted themselves after the Blogcatalog people sorted out the Google v Blogger mess.

    At least you had instant interest.
    We've lost two American clients because they Googled the house and saw the farm opposite which looks like a B52 base from the air...though you can only see the old house and barns from our place.
    We have had a few from the U.K. but all dependent on selling their own places...
    We have had a Dutchman who wanted to reduce the price just before signing the compromis...
    and any number of French who fondly think that by starting negotiations with
    'I know what you paid for this'
    they will get a stunning reduction.
    More like a stunning blow about the lugs.

    As for the house you want, nip round and see the vendor's notaire. He'll get it sorted.

  3. I also have commenting problems...and have done for several weeks. Can't comment using internet explorer, but can with Firefox

  4. Stay with the glass half full :-)

  5. Having spent the last eight years renovating an old cow shed, I wonder if I'd do it again if I had my time back. Well, the glass is half full...just about. It certainly keeps you on your toes and is full of incident, anticipation and excitement.