Thursday, 23 May 2013

What's occurring

The cellar is now all dug out to the level required by the concrete laying man. Lots of measuring to make sure there is room for Son no 2/brother/nephew to get under the beam after hardcore, sand, damp proof membrane, reinforcing grid, concrete, insulation, underfloor heating pipes, screed and tiles have all been added. Not going to be done anytime soon then :-)
Each full barrow load was tipped out of what will be the door by Him Outdoors into my barrow.

I then wheel it past the vegetable bed and down the slope (yes there is a chicken house at the end)

past the peaches/nectarines, orchids, wild roses. Down more slope
to the lower garden. Stop the wheelbarrow which is really too heavy for me before it (and I) go over the edge

and tip it down the slope towards the station. And then back up to the top and wait for the next one..................................................

This morning, the woodburning stove man came and we are having this - but in matt black so the handle is matt black not shiny gold -

in this space in the kitchen

We also had the promised visit by a window salesman to a house with some windows similar to what we think we might have. Follow me............................... at 60 mph along winding country roads.


  1. I remember it well!
    My wheel barrow always seemed to have to be pushed up a plank to a skip....but a the downhill slalom for wheelbarrow and operative sounds distinctly worse!

    1. Oh yes, did that the other day. Very wobbly. I find that now I have to wear tri-focals, all these things take more care and concentration :-(

  2. After all that hard labour I'm amazed you have the energy to blog, Rosie. :-) That downhill run with a loaded wheelbarrow sounds distinctly hairy. You must be telling yourself it will all be worth it in the end....

    1. I love it. And every day ends with such a feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

  3. Ha ha! No trug and skirt gardening for you then!