Wednesday, 1 May 2013

And here we go

Today has been the first day that we have knocked walls down. The idea is that we open up these four little rooms into one big space.

That's the one behind the radiator gone and half way down the second one.

And the one to the left of the opening. No we don't plan to have a toilet in the kitchen

Not us much clearing up of rubble as we would have liked because the dump is shut as today is a public holiday but it has already made a huge difference to the light and space.


  1. Ooo, I wish I could come and help, Rosie. I LOVE knocking walls down. :-) It's going to be great.

  2. Ooops you look bust. Take care Diane

  3. I love demolition!

    And it's going to make so much difference!

    I found that a lot of the houses I saw had originally been one or two large rooms and had been partitioned later.