Monday, 13 May 2013

Straw Hat and Trug Gardening

The day started with a little 'straw hat and trug' gardening. Elegantly planting out geraniums in the sunshine. I too will have the typical french window box.
What better use for that old galvanised basin - with ready made drainage holes.
This one shows what Him Outdoors has cleared - by throwing it at me! - so that we can get to the ivy. Maybe a terrace in the future - a long way in the future!

Last week a man came to look at the concreting the cellar floor job. After much discussion and sucking of teeth he and Him Outdoors have decided that the 30 bags of cement and associated mixing will have to be done in the front garden. At least the full wheelbarrows will all be going downhill. What with the roof being redone and the plaster falling off the walls and new holes for windows there's not much point in calling this the front garden so I was looking around for a space away from all these activites - as well as the route from cellar to dumping ground for the debris out of the cellar - to transplant the few plants I have already gathered.

And look what I discovered under more brambles. A proper garden with soil and a wall and everything - yay happy me. (It's also full of endless brambles and nettles but nothing a boy with a toy and a bit of persistance can't bring under control.)

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  1. What lovely discoveries, Rosie. It must all be so exciting as well as horribly messy and dirty. That garden has potential.