Thursday, 2 May 2013

My turn

Paddington Bear called in today to help. Wasn't much use because his wellies were on the wrong feet but who's noticing.

Underneath the white flowery wallpaper is a much lovelier one. What a room it must have been in all its splendour. The damp got to it though and they had to replace all the plaster up to about a metre and repaper with something more appropriate to 1970s (?) taste.
Now it's my turn to wield the hammer. No more shower room. Dust got into the camera, it's not really snowing inside.

And now it's Him Outdoors' turn. Different walls, can't just knock the hell out of them with a hammer, more boys' toys required.

Before he got started, he visited a new woman dentist in the town. Good job, as another crown fell off while he was cleaning his teeth. (Always clean your teeth before visiting the dentist.) Delightful woman (thank heavens) with excellent english and quite prepared to take his euros for the vast amounts of work that will be required with decisions about implants, crowns and bridges. 


  1. What splendid wallpaper..I love that deep band at the top.

    I'm going to enjoy your project almost as much as you....thanks to your photographs.

  2. It's sad to see what a state your house obviously got into over the years, but it will be so good to see it come back to life as your renovation progresses.

  3. I admire your spirit of adventure as well as your abiliy to wield a hammer!

    Bonne chance...