Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lines of masking tape

We have spent most of the last two days drawing out the plans for the house on the floor with masking tape. The weather has been miserable (very cold with hail storms) so it has been a good job to do inside.
It mostly comes down to bathroom planning. Trying to get a downstairs cloakroom in this space without it feeling like you are peeing in the corner of the sitting room. 
And an en suite shower room for the master bedroom at the far end and a bathroom for everyone else. The trouble with the roof space is that there is not enough headroom for our 6'6" family to stand up to shower/pee/wash in most of the potential space. Him Outdoors is 6' tall and you really have to be under the cross beams to negotiate the facilities! Eventually got it all fitted in after much discussion, moving the ensuite toilet into our bedroom space and putting the guest shower over the bath. Still not sure about all the heights for shower doors/bath screens so it may turn out to be the dreaded shower curtain flapping around your legs in a cold clammy plastic way. 
But hey, with a view like this from the guest bedroom, you'll get over it :-)


  1. When we renovated old houses nearly all seemed to have beams at husband's head height so he pinned a piece of green insulation board to each one to train himself to duck.

  2. This brings back memories. :-) We did manage to fit in an upstairs loo and shower where our 6'4" son-in-law could use them, but it was a struggle. They weren't thinking about human habitation when they put those beams in.

  3. Not something I'll ever need to worry about being vertically challenged