Monday, 6 May 2013

What a glorious day

This is the view down the hill from the house. I am supposed to be waiting for bits of tree to be thrown at me to take down to the van (which is parked just at the end of the stone wall on the right) before a car comes along and runs them over. But  I couldn't resist the view. We do an awful lot of just gazing..........................
We were having a killing stuff morning before it got too hot. There is a lot of ivy trying to cover everything and the bits that we can't reach to cut we have sprayed. And by clearing a bit more of the top of the building behind the wall on the right we can reach lots more and not have to spray so much.

All the walls have gone - yay. This is looking towards the kitchen end and the next one is looking towards the balcony and the view. What a lovely space.

And now I must go and hang all the filthy clothes on the line so they are dry for tomorrow - oh and get a drink :-)


  1. We hope to. It's very heavy and doesn't close or shut properly but isn't it pretty. We'll at least keep the grill - and the window in the kitchen end looks ok too.

  2. What a fantastic space and that's a really beautiful view you have there. No wonder you wanted the house. :-) It will be worth all the hard labour.

  3. A fabulous and very inviting space!