Saturday 14 December 2013

Saturday again!

Where do the days go? Every week we say the same - must be getting old :-)
Most of today has been spent working my way through the mountain of tree offcuts that are left after the tree was cut down and having a huge bonfire. Well, a small bonfire for a long time. I've got about halfway through and have smoked out all the town. Fortunately we have been in fog all day - no, not all my fault - so maybe they haven't noticed. 

The roof is coming on brilliantly. It's watertight which is a good job because it rained quite hard last night. And the special 'patrimoine' veluxes are in. They haven't started tiling the other side yet but it's ready to go on Monday.
Inside, I started brushing decades of dirt off the beams in order to have some idea what to do with them. Unlike most beams, they will be very close. They are not ancient and are not oak. You will only see the A frames not the rest of the beams because there will be masses of insulation. There is not a huge amount of light up here so need to be pale I think. Sort of thinking 50/50 cream chalk paint and water. Had left the cream back at the ranch so did some blue. Didn't like the paint as is but quite liked the wash. Will try the cream tomorrow. What do you think Annie Sloan expert??

And here's the promised picture of the decorated tree. The space it's left is a continual sunshiney delight so I hope it's happy here.


  1. I keep hearing of Annie Sloan paints but have only the faintest idea of what they might be - are they the sort of paint you make up yourself, like a glorified whitewash?

  2. I think it's a water based emulsion with some sort of chalk suspended in it. Comes ready mixed in the tins. Gives soft matt finish. They market very cleverly selling lovely (trendy) colours. paints over all surfaces which will be useful here - and i've already got some!

  3. Ah! Farrar and Ball for ruralites then....

  4. F&B, but what you have sounds matt finishes. Really enjoying reading about the work that's going on and seeing the transformation. I'm really looking forward to carrying on with our own work when we get back in April.