Sunday 22 December 2013


Roof all finished. Can't speak highly enough of the guys that did this. Brilliant, thoughtful job, thank you so much. (We're going to have to have pierres apparentes on these walls aren't we.)
Inside we have started on the insulation (yes R and A we have at last decided what to use :-) The first layer is like lining the roof with teddies' fur which is actually hemp and smells lovely. Then polystyrene to seal it in, then two more layers of hemp before the plasterboard! Should be able to heat it with a candle - or four candles (always makes me smile).
We've also decided what to do with the floor and beams which has been a point of debate between us for weeks. Him Outdoors loves pale wood floors while I hanker after a deep polished glow. I set too with a sander seeing what things actually looked like when sanded and we have decided on a mid brown wax/stain for the floor to camouflage all the rusty nails and clear on the beams. Phew just hours of sanding then :-). Hurry up 2014, I can't wait to move in.


  1. They've done a super job with the wonder you're pleased...and yes, the crepi has to go....

    Did you have loads of nails in the beams too...every house we had bar the last looked as if an old clothes' merchant had set up shop with a nail for every garment he possessed.

  2. Not nails but they still had the wires for hanging tobacco to dry - and a huge assortment of odds and ends of bullets!

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