Thursday 12 December 2013

More roofers

We are having the most amazing weather this week. Frosty starts and then brilliant blue skies and sunshine. Yesterday afternoon I was admiring the roofers'  handiwork and noticed that the old boss of the company was up there too. 'Does your wife know you're up there?' When he came down he was telling me that he hadn't been up on a roof for more than a year but he obviously couldn't resist this one - I'm honoured, I think. He did the roof last time and is keeping a very close eye on things.

They are using this vehicle to get the tiles up there. It is an enormous bit of kit that completely blocks the road - more boys' toys!


  1. That weather is a real blessing, Rosie. Our veluxes were put in during a snowy January and the roofers did a brilliant job.

  2. So lucky with the weather!

    I can understand the roofer...our old boy - who used to call himself Mr Misery because you could find him everywhere - could never resist going up to supervise.

  3. Looks like a roofer is really proffesional. I had the opportunity to work with this company and they are great - KM Roofers, check them out -