Sunday 22 December 2013


Happy Christmas everybody. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I made a tiny decoration in front of the fire amidst the dust and collection of tools, bags of cement that is our kitchen at the moment. Tomorrow we fly back to spend Christmas in England but yesterday we had this.
and this. The town had laid on a lovely evening of vin chaud, streets lit by candles, decorated shops open late and a carol concert. On a beautiful clear, frosty evening we walked around the medievalness with candle lanterns, perfect.
And here's our tree in all it's party lights.
Happy Christmas.


  1. Enjoy yourselves...and then it's back into the fray. Bet you can't wait to move in.

  2. I'm much more impatient than Him Outdoors :-)

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas, Rosie, and here's to a rapid finishing-off in the New Year.