Saturday, 18 July 2009


One of the chickens didn't come home last night and after wandering around calling 'chook, chook, chook' in an encouraging voice - how could it resist - I found a pile of feathers. Oh bugger. We're not doing too well on the animal front this week.

Did lots more gardening. Veg garden now all planted and it's cool and looks like rain which would be perfect. Planted the last corner with rows of beans/carrots/beetroot/mache and then a packet each of wallflowers/pinks/erigeron k....../delphiniums. Also 6 more lettuces that Him Outdoors got on the market for a euro.

I love the moment when it all looks productive and possible. Must draw up a plan and write what I've planted. I already can't remember what I planted last year without trying hard so there's no way I will remember for 4 years rotation.

Also did a major clear of the flower border which looks much better and ready for some new plants. I think I'll have a look at the shop in Belves tomorrow morning. All this coolth is lovely for planting.

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