Thursday, 9 July 2009

The chickens arrive

We went round first thing to collect the chickens. The couple are very sweet but very difficult to understand. The husband has lived in the same farm all his life. His wife is much travelled having come from 5kms down the 'ruisseau' - little river at the bottom of the hill.

They seemed to be saying that the chickens should be inside for one day and then fenced but not shut in for 2 or 3 more. Him Outdoors has only built a beautiful house, not a fenced bit so we put the chickens in the house and then built a fenced bit round them. They clucked and crowed a bit but seem to have settled down. We will check later to see that they haven't kicked over the water or anything.

Him Outdoors also went to the doctor this morning to have a tiny wart thingy removed from his lower eyelid. The drops that we got last time do not seem to have done anything and although it would be simpler to leave it be, we suppose we ought to get it removed. The doctor has referred him to an opthalmologist locally which we are off to in a minute. The town where he is also has an ALDI, LIDL and Leader Price so we are going shopping for cheap stuff we don't need!

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