Monday 27 July 2009

18km is too far

This is to remind me that next time people want to go canoeing I must try harder to stay at home!

We have just returned home sun blasted from a day on the Dordogne. Did an 11 am til 5 pm stint from just up river of Beynac back to Siorac. The good news is that when you get back it is only 5 minutes from home but the bad news is that it takes SUCH a long time.

It was a bit windy too and of course 'on the nose' so sometimes it seemed very hard to get anywhere. Sometimes it is very quick and clear and the canoe seems to race over the bottom of the river and you can see down.

It is a beautiful river. Wide and shallow with a few lovely houses and Beynac is beautiful from the water but very touristy. There are huge long stretches with no one at all and very very few other canoes. In the winter it is very very fierce and rises up to 10 or 15 feet with flooding. Nobody much seems to use the river for anything. Near Siorac there are a few fishermen but before that we only saw about 3 boats tied up. There aren't many places to stop and swim and all the cafes are at the beginning.

About 10 kms would be about right.

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