Friday, 17 July 2009

A blustery day

We have the most amazing storms here and I have to say I'm not too keen on them. The heat tends to build up for a few days and then comes crashing around us, with the Gods swirling and roaring around. None of the 'playing with a match and then getting a smack' kind of storm but a good hour of continuous sheet lightning and thunder with pouring rain driven by gales which bend the trees. We have so many trees around that it all sounds very very dramatic.

In our new bedroom we are fully exposed to the west which means that you get a stupendous view of the lightning but feel much more vulnerable than in our old bedroom which is in the middle of the house. There is an element of being cosily tucked up safe while this thrashes around but IT'S SCAREY.

This morning it was much cooler and everywhere was wet which is lovely and made me feel like gardening for the first time for ages. Decided to tackle the veg garden and try and get the purple sprouting broccoli moved. The weather hadn't quite made up its mind what to do today so it has been a day of heavy showers but in between times I have got the iris bed cleared of everything but irises and planted with the psb. All watered, mulched and sprayed against caterpillars for good measure. Also got all the rest of the beds weeded and edged so it all looks very good.

Hopefully tomorrow it will still be cool and I can clear the last of the onions and plant another go of carrots/beetroot/radishes/lettuces/french beans/mache and maybe some leeks if they still have them on the market. Also need another half dozen lettuce plants. Then it will all look neat and tidy and ready for the next drought.

Also got some more of the tiny yellow plums picked, stoned and frozen. Discovered that they were tiny enough to use the olive stoner which made the job much easier.

Chickens have sorted themselves out in their house but not quite sorted out the egg laying bit. We have had some eggs but they aren't consistantly laying in the house. Still, early days yet. They do make the most lovely clucky noises and seem to think they are a family and stay together.

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