Friday 21 March 2014

This week

What's been happening this week? The electrician has finished the first fix.
Which means that we can start wrapping the rooms up in brown paper.

Or lining them with teddy bears. Your bedroom wall has been pointed.

The balustrades have been fitted.
Him Outdoors has been playing with frames for the plasterboard and lining them with cork.

A man came and fitted the only handle that will fit on the tiny space left on the door frame.

And spring has arrived (swallows this afternoon.)

Peach blossom.

And the neighbour's plum tree.

Yesterday we had drinks with our Parisian neighbours. We had a form to fill in and they spent ages discussing the exact wording necessary. They couldn't decide whether we were doing a 'renovation totale, or a totale renovation'. If they don't know what hope have the rest of us. There was also huge discussion about what a difference it made if you said 'ce matin, il faisait beau' rather than 'il faisait beau, ce matin'. The most important thing comes first ?????????? Beyond me.

1 comment:

  1. Tings move apace! What a wonderful view from that window!
    As you say, if they don't know, what hope for the rest of us!
    I can remember friends arguing fiercely over the lunch table as to whether the lettuce used as the palate cleanser after cheese was a cornet d'anjou or a cournett d'anjou (spelt the first way).
    The husband was sent out into the garden for his refusal to bow to the latter and nearly missed his pud.

    Just turning it over, I think people I knew would call it a renovation totale and say il faisait beau, ce matin, - but it's a great way to start an argument!