Wednesday 2 April 2014

Slowly, slowly

More digging. The garden is being designed by purchase of irresistible plants or lack of soil. I sit on my grandmother's bench and plan big plans of sweeping flower beds and then am stumped by the terrain. Ho hum. Still I'm getting there, slowly slowly. Dug another veg bed today probably for tomatoes but maybe not :-)
Great news, the balcony has returned. After several promises, it arrived with man to help and they proceeded to try to put it back where they got it from. There was a moment where the whole weight was balanced on one stuck out foot!! Eventually it was cut in half and soldered back together - you can't see the join and it's lovely. Sunny every day until after lunch, well, if there was sunshine it would be.

We've done a lot of plasterboarding. A concerted effort to get the area around the stairs ready for stairs. Eventually decided that it really wasn't essential to have stairs just so workmen could spoil them and we have put them back a month.
So Him Outdoors - or more recently Him Indoors - has been tackling the plumbing. Turns out he was really not looking forward to it but as you would guess, once he started it has all proceeded slowly but beautifully. (I'm sure this is a really interesting picture to somebody, just not me.)

Tomorrow we have a day off. Well, we are hosting a 10k walk with lunch - in the rain............


  1. After all you've been hosting a 10k walk with lunch in the rain will be mere child's play!

    1. It all went very well. Very wet but lovely lunch.

  2. Looks like Him iD has got his hot and cold sorted. Loving all these pictures of the progress you're making. Balustrade looks a treat as does the spring greenery beyond.

  3. A walk in the rain always makes me feel virtuous and deserved of extra treats. And rest assured there are people fascinated by photographs of plumbing - my husband being one of them! Sharon

  4. Post script from Sharon - told husband about plumbing photos over Sunday breakfast. He insisted I get the laptop. He wishes we had the flexible pipe system in the UK. Who knew it was sooooo interesting!