Tuesday 18 March 2014

A good day

Yesterday the guy came to fix the guard rails to all the upstairs windows. Wish we didn't have to have them but with floor level windows and huge drops they are essential. He also apologised for not bringing the handle because it hadn't come in as expected. 'What handle?' says I, 'I haven't ordered any more'. Someone said they were coming to show me something that might do but nobody came and I certainly haven't ordered anything!

Called in on balcony man to gently enquire about where the balcony had got to and there it was in his workshop, all done and ready to fit. He will come and fit it when he has got someone to come and help with the huge weight at great height. Sigh of relief from Him Outdoors.

One of the kitchen/bathroom sheds sent us a '20% off one item' offer letter. They can't mean that the cooker I like which costs nearly 2,000 euros could be included................................ But they can, and it is, and it will be delivered at the end of April!!!!

Only slight downer is that there is a leak next to one of the chimneys when it pours with rain - not normal rain, just downpours - and when asked when they were coming to fix it we were told that it was fine now and to plasterboard over it. Mmmmm maybe not, further discussion required.

The garden is looking brilliant. I know that it is that time of year when everything is just gloroious and I am in control and it won't last but hey. I only see the tiny shoots and peach blossom, not the burgeoning nettles.


  1. Progress, progress - it all sounds great, Rosie, and the cooker discount is a lovely bonus. lLoking forward to seeing the balcony and the peach blossom in due course. :-)

  2. What a delightful surprise to have 20% off that cooker!
    Everything seems to be moving along so well...and keep looking at the buds - the nettles will make you aware enough of their presence in due course.