Friday 14 June 2013

Christmas Tree

Yes, I know it's a bit early for thinking about Christmas.
In our garden we have a 4 storey high pine tree. A huge dark hole of a tree. Fortunately it is on the north side of the house and set back between the houses so, apart from blocking some of the view to the north from the balcony, it doesn't really effect us or our neighbour. But it is neither use nor ornament. (Of course, now that I am home, I can't find a decent picture of the bloody thing, except this.)
It has been on our mind to get it chopped down at some time but it has also been on my mind that if what you want is a Christmas tree then this might be just the job. Surely the town will need one.
So this afternoon I went up to the Mairie to ask either if they might possibly want it, or, if not, did they know a man who could chop it down for us. Him Outdoors was busy saying scathingly that it would be too difficult to remove, too tall, too wide, they wouldn't want it, basically don't be ridiculous.
So hah to him. Adjoint Maire says that he will come and see and let me know.
And he did, and he does want it !!!! He will have to talk to his colleagues but it looks fine to him, they would come about 8th/9th December, take as much of the top of it as they need, chop down the rest and leave it in nice chunks that we can burn in the garden during the winter.
And I am so delighted. Not only that our tree will be the Christmas tree but also that the previous (much loved in the town) owner's tree will be giving pleasure to everyone.