Thursday 27 June 2013

A collection

Nothing major occurring just the usual delights and frustrations.

Lovely evening yesterday. In the summer the town organises a meal under the covered market each week. They provide tables and chairs and stall holders provide the food and there is a band. At this stage of 'the season' there are very few tourists so it was a lovely mix of locals partying, families and friends and there was plenty of room to sit. In July/August you struggle to find space to lay your plate. And for once it was warm and light til 10pm. Such a delight that we now nearly live here and next year we will be able to stagger down the hill to bed.

The house continues slowly slowly. Him Outdoors is sorting out pads for beam supports, titivating the kitchen fireplace. We couldn't find a suitable lintel for the sitting room fireplace so he's made his own which is now curing and should be ready on Monday. I've been hoovering cobwebs and spraying the wood in the cellar, knocking off old mortar for eventual rejointing, pottering in the garden and generally just sitting and staring.

The wood burner man will deliver sooner but will let us know when.

We are getting some advice on the safety of the balcony. Since we are going to have scaffolding up and most of the wall down, it would be a good time to have a new one if we had too.

The window man is coming to advise on best method of waterproofing a difficult sill.

The plumber has been summoned but no sign yet.

The lovely neighbour had said that her husband had a nephew who supplied wood for the fire. Eventually managed to catch her inbetween her several cleaning jobs and she took us to the nephew. 'None left'. She gave us another name 'none left'. They gave us another name and he is supposed to be ringing back. I knew you had to get your order in early but obviously this long winter has taken its toll.

Today we are off to another town to the bank. We set up an account some distance away because we nearly bought a house there. There is another branch much nearer but when we asked to change, they don't 'speak' to each other so would have to close everything and start again. Same bank. OK so left it there and we have a nice trip out occasionally which of course involves lunch.

PS I officially hate the way this tablet 'corrects' your spelling. Too bloody cocky by half.


  1. I remember the bank not speaking the end I kept the first account open and then opened a new account in my new area - it was simpler.

    The wood problem is a real nuisance....before we had wood from our own trees we had to be sure to make our order in the spring to be sure of getting wood that was safe to burn.

    The meal in the market sounds a lot of fun. Our area did this occasionally, when they set up a farmer's market, and I am sure it would have been a great success if done more regukarly. As it was you had to keep an eye out for the publicity.

  2. Him Outdoors is really annoyed with himself that he didn't keep the wood at our last house. The new owners just roar about in it on quad bikes . . . .

  3. I'm sure you're right about the long winter depleting wood supplies. I have friends who are bemoaning having had to start using next winter's wood this spring.

    Your weekly community meal sounds great fun, but your bank problems definitely don't. I know some people mock the Credit Agricole Britline account but it has workerd wonderfully well for us and we can use the local CA branch as well as doing most things online.