Monday 3 June 2013

Busy busy busy

First thing this morning, Super Mario delivered 2 tons of castine (gravel).
2 hours later it was all laid in the cellar. Not quite enough unfortunately, but close.

After we'd done that, Him Outdoors finished preparing the sitting room fireplace.

And I finished taking down the ceiling

Interestingly, no sign of the bees today. They must have heard us discussing ways of getting them to live in the wall without coming in, blocking up the holes into the house without them attacking us, or as a last resort killing them. Death sentence postponed.


  1. I'm glad the bees have taken the hint!
    It's all moving at speed, isn't it...very exciting!

    1. And the Macon has just called to arrange to come tomorrow! The artisan gods are on our side at the moment.

    2. Are things slow in the building trade at the moment? I've never come across such speed and co ordination!

  2. I think they must be, macon turned up early! They take a lot of phone calls but they are turning up.