Tuesday 18 October 2011

A person of two parts

Being here on my own with kind friends visiting I am realising I am two people.

My wobbliness is much better, I am not deaf, am not in pain and have no tinnitus. I am fine. I have loads of the sort of food that you buy on a whim and then sits in the cupboard, that needs eating before we move and am doing very well on the sort of meals that I enjoy with the addition of some milk and fruit kindly brought by dear friends. I am doing well. Counting my blessings as Mum would say.

But if pushed by dear walking husband with too many 'No really how are yous' the person that is

angry because the only time I have been ill since we've been here, he's not here to look after me
lonely after 3 1/2 weeks on my own
fed up with being by myself
frustrated by being even more isolated because I can't drive
embarrassed having to ask for help
worried after googling too much 'dizziness'
tired because I'm not sleeping well
bored of my own company

comes to the fore and roars.

and then feels guilty...............................


  1. I think it is perfectly normal to feel as you do. I certainly would in similar circumstances!

    Keep your chin up and keep taking the tablets ...

  2. Poor you...I bet you're fed up.

    Make sure that you get thoroughly pampered when the walker returns.


  3. A perfectly natural reaction in the circumstances, Rosie. Glad you're improving and hope your husband gets back soon.

  4. Hell, I'd be feeling like you are if I was moving, never mind if my Jules was miles and miles away for a long period of time.

    I hope that you continue to hold steady, that your sweetie returns very soon, that the move gets completed smoothly, and that you recover your equilibrium completely in short order.

  5. Feeling under the weather on your Jack Jones is not much fun, I agree.
    There were times in France when Mr. Fly was bedridden for weeks at a time when the sound of that dratted school bell sounding from the upper floors when I felt like grim death warmed over would have me wondering when it might be my time to have a little attention....and I refuse to feel guilty about it.