Saturday 1 October 2011

Commenting on other peoples' blogs

I have had so many problems with this that I have given up. But today I have gathered enough energy to have another wander around the internet and hey presto!!

Of course I changed two things so I don't know which of these it is or both.

Uncheck the stay signed in box when you sign in.

Go to tools, internet options, privacy, advanced privacy and uncheck the box that says that you filter out third party cookies.

And this time it works. I am not optimistic enough to think that it will next time but who knows :-)


  1. One never knows the hour with Blogger.
    I'm going to have to restart my Costa Rica blog because nothing I can do will get Blogger to mark up new posts.

  2. I wondered what was happening to you. It must be a real pain but I am really looking forward to it when it gets sorted out. Good luck.

  3. And that's two comments where Google Account is working - yay

  4. I have Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome all on my computer and I find when one plays up one of the others will usually work. Diane

  5. I find that staying signed in when using Internet Explorer 8 means I can't comment. If I'm using Google Chrome, or as now Firefox, I don't have a problem. Glad you can start commenting again, Rosie - you have been missed :-)

  6. I'm faffing around with mine as well Rosie. I'm going to give your recipe for success a shot, and failing that I'm apparantly going to have to rewrite some stuff.

    I found this was helpful

  7. Useful to know! I occasionally use Internet Explorer and would have wondered what was happening. Normally I use Firefox so it's OK. Posts like this are really helpful.