Friday 14 October 2011


Yesterday when I woke up and turned over in bed the world took a moment to respond. That's weird, feels like I've been drinking but I haven't had anything but other people's aperos since the walkers left.

Went carefully downstairs to get a cup of tea with all the thoughts of being on my own and falling over and breaking something and all the difficulties that that would cause. Of course I didn't, was very careful and by the end of the day the world had righted itself and everything was fine.

This morning, however, it is worse. Any movement that isn't lying down or straight up causes the world to tilt mightily. Then a sudden move caused me to be sick. OK enough.

Dear friend Jackie upset her day completely and arrived to take me to the doctor. Had to clutch on to her arm and go slowly. At the doctor's had to hold his arm to get from waiting room to surgery. He checked everything, gave me an injection - when asked what is was for he said it was for my ears - duh - only two sorts of medicine and told me to get a blood test and come back at the end of the week when the pills were done.

Just googled the names of the pills and they appear to be an anti inflammatory and something for vertigo and as you can see, as long as I just sit here in the sunshine, I'm fine. 

Debated with myself whether to tell the walkers or not. In the end sent an 'I'm fine but I thought you should know' text.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have been hit with that particular unpleasantness. I've known a few other people during the course of my life who have had to cope with those symptoms, too, including my mother.

    I hope that you will take it very easy with yourself for the next week, let the medicine do its job, not worry about houses, moves, others' needs, enjoying that sunshine while you can!

  2. As soon as I started to read this I thought it might be an ear infection. Hope the pills work and you are back to normal very soon xx

  3. Tricky things, ears, but do take extra care while you are on your own.

  4. In my experience the thing to be really careful of is when you think you're beginning to get alright and you turn too sharply. Take it slowly revolving for a while!

  5. Oh, nasty, Rosie. DH had something similar last autumn and it took a while to clear completely, so do take things carefully for a while.

  6. Vertigo is awful. I had it years ago and it does clear up in time.

    Be careful in the bath, (I showered until it disappeared) and turn over gently in bed.

    Bon courage,