Monday 17 January 2011


I just got an email

Hi Rosie,

I saw your blog in "A taste of Garlic" and wondered if you would be interested in contributing to our new online magazine TIENS ! Le Sud-Ouest de la France. Have a look at

For more information, please contact me. Kind regards, Perry Taylor

Ooo er someone wants me to write something proper. Blimey!

But first of all I thought who the hell is 'A taste of garlic'. Quick search around and found this

Which seems to be a whole on line magazine thingy with me as a feature in July 2010.

Who knew.

What gives some patronising bloke the right to use my blog as copy for his stuff. Without telling me!! This really pisses me off.


  1. Ho hum! I've had the same problem in the past. Get yourself a creative commons licence as a starter. You'll see it on my blog. Good news about the magazine article though

  2. I was quite surprised that Keith did not ask for your consent.

    Perry does cartoons about rural France which echo the prototypes of old boys playing boules, etc.,

    So whatever you contribute will have them either pulling up their socks or sacking you before you have begun

  3. It's quite flattering to have a whole blog post written about you I suppose, but surely it's blog etiquette to seek your permission first?

  4. Keith and I are worlds apart,and I don't particularly get on with the way he writes, but I think his heart is in the right place.
    He'll probably be as upset as you for the oversight.

    I like your blog too and would point people to it (if that's what he did).

    I'm glad there is the potential of something good coming out of it.