Wednesday 26 January 2011

Night time activities

In winter we have some random days decided by EDF (usually several together) when electricity costs much more than others. But it is still cheap between 1 am and 7 am.

Since it has been so cold we have been letting the cat stay in at night and then getting up to let him out at some time in the night when he starts scratching at the bedroom door. So lets put the dishwasher on when we get up in the night.

Yesterday I decided to do washing before realising it was one of the days. That's ok just flick the switch when you get up in the night.

But we still seemed to be using a lot of expensive electricity during the day. What was still on? This morning Him Outdoors investigated the water heater further. He had already plugged a timer into the plug underneath it so that it would only heat the water at the cheap time. It can't be that......................

Oh yes it can. After further peerings in the gloomy cupboard it transpires that the socket to which he has applied a timer is for the outside socket - nothing to do with the water heater at all! And although we can both remember requesting one, there is no socket that has anything to do with the water heater.

So more switching in the night.


  1. I manually switch our geyser on and off, not so good when I forget and we have a cold shower!!!!! Diane

  2. We looked at the cheap tariff offers, but in the winter we heated water via the central heating boiler which was always switched off at night anyway unless the temperature stayed below freezing for more than a week...which was the time it took for the cold to get through the walls.
    It's bad enough paying the bill, but I used really to resent all the stealth taxes applied to my usage, some of which go to the support of the EDF unions!

  3. We had 3 water heaters. The bills made my eyes water! I now pay less for a quarter than I did for a month in France!