Monday 30 August 2010

Blackberry and Apple

I grew some Morning Glories this year from seed. One of them is small but perfectly formed :-)

And the other one is enormous with not a flower to be seen. I think I may be growing another noxious weed here!

But patience is a virtue and by the middle of October it's looking perfect.

Whilst putting these pictures up I have been cooking some blackberry and apple. Our apple crop is pathetic this year. My only excuse is that these ancient small trees were laden last year and are having a rest - there's always next year.

I gathered the tiny crop from one tree before they all fell off. Lovingly cored and peeled the tiny bullets and added sugar and a couple of handfuls of blackberries that Him Outdoors picked over the weekend. Simmering gently while waiting for the pictures to upload.

Done. Pour carefully into pretty glass bowl and stand back to admire.

Bowl cracks perfectly across the base. Sticky purple staining mess all down the side of the cooker, and the front and inside of the main cutlery and kitchen cutlery drawers. Grab cloths which are now beautifully stained, dump blackberry and apple because I can't believe that the crack was that perfect. Remove white top which has a splattering of purple - already second top because I spilt porridge down the first one.

And take my wrath out on the computer keys.


  1. Oh no! Well if it's any consolation things like that happen to me quite often. I lost some carefully made fig jam down the plughole a couple of days ago :-(

  2. Aaaagh! Was it too hot for the bowl perhaps? maybe it had a hairline crack to start with. Sounds VERY messy!!!

    What a waste of all your hard work, but you're right it's not worth risking the bits of glass in it :(

  3. That's ghastly!
    I was reading recently that newer Pyrex containers aren't what they used to be...something about the Chinese now making them under licence.
    I had one shatter in the oven...but, of course, have no idea whether it was old or new!

  4. No, Fly, I didn't put it in the sensible Pyrex bowl did I. I put it in the pretty thick glass one that just fit perfectly but I obviously hadn't put anything hot in it before. Duh.

  5. Oh no! That really is sods law...and it always has to happen with something that stains!!

    C x