Tuesday 3 August 2010

Yuck gross

It was a bit cooler this morning so I searched out a jacket that I haven't worn for some time. Walking from the car to the town looking for a hankie I found something that felt like some crumpled silver paper between the pocket and the lining.

We got to town, met the friends for coffee, and while we were chatting I was still vaguely trying to puzzle out how this rubbish had got between my pocket and the coat.

Eventually found another way in and pulled out the paper...................

It was a little dessicated mouse. Ohhhhhhh grooooooooooss.


  1. haha how lovely! I bet your friends were pleased you managed to get it out ;-)

  2. Ohhh noooooooo...how awful. I'm not sure ı could have coped with that!

  3. And while you're partaking of coffee, too!

  4. Rosie,

    Hi! I left you a long, hopefully not overly but just what's needed, response to your inquiry about the embedding of YouTube videos, etc. Let me know if it helps!